We value the environment and culture in CENTRAL EUROPE

The environment and culture priority responds to the need for protecting and sustainably using natural and cultural heritage and resources, which are subject to increasing environmental and economic pressures as well as usage conflicts. Heritage and resources also constitute valuable assets of central European regions and represent important location factors benefiting regional development. Furthermore, the focus is on improving the quality of the environment in functional urban areas. To this aim, key challenges like land use conflicts, air, soil and water pollution or waste management will be addressed by the projects funded under this priority.

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specific objective



To improve integrated environmental management capacities for the protection and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources. 

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specific objective



To improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources.

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specific objective



To improve environmental management of functional urban areas to make them more liveable places.

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Air pollution tool

World air quality index

The World Air Quality Index is a social enterprise project that started back in 2007 with mission to promote air pollution awareness and provide unified air quality information for the whole world. By today, the tool provides real-time information for more than 80 countries, covering more than 10,000 stations in 1000 major cities. If you are interested to know what is the air pollution in your city simply enter the name of your city into the tool's mask. 

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Environment and culture PROJECTS

After two calls for proposals, we are funding 33 transnational cooperation projects on environment and culture topics. With around 64 million Euro ERDF co-financing, partners from all over central Europe will address shared regional challenges in the field of natural and cultural resources. 

AMIIGA     |     COME-IN!    |     ECRR   |     Forget heritage     |     GreenerSites  |   InduCult2.0  |     InAirQ    |     LUMAT     

PROLINE-CE     |     RESTAURA   |     STREFOWA    |     SUSTREE     |     YouInHerit     |     UGB


3Lynx     |     AIR TRITIA     |     ARTISTIC     |     AWAIR     |     BhENEFIT     |     CEETO     |     SlowFood-CE     |     CIRCE2020

CULTURECOVERY      |      FramWat     |      HICAPS      |      MaGICLandscapes      |   NewPilgrimAge      |     ProteCHt2save

RAINMAN      |      REFREsh     |      RUINS      |      SURFACE      |      VirtualArch

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The funding programme CENTRAL EUROPE 2007-13 was our predecessor. More than 1.300 public institutions and private businesses closely
cooperated in 124 transnational projects for the benefit of our regions. Take a look at what Interreg achieved already back then:

CENTRAL EUROPE projects 2007-2013

To find out more about projects and beneficiaries of other cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation programmes within the European Union visit the KEEP database

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