Documents and tools

  • Contracting documents (zip 2.0 MB)
    Published in April 2019. Includes Subsidy contract, Partnership agreement & Financial guarantee
  • Implementation Manual - Version 4 (zip 3.4 MB)
    Published in April 2020
  • Project management toolbox (zip 10.9 MB)
    Kicking off implementation information, Mid-term review documents, Output factsheets, Investment report, Partner report, Joint progress report and Light report templates, Request for modification template and Final report template
  • Project finances toolbox (zip 5.0 MB)
    Control documents, Daily rates, Financial correction report,Lead partner verifications checklist, List of expenditure, Mid-term review financial tables, Payment request form, Periodic staff report, Purchase form, Timesheet template
  • Project communication toolbox (zip 18.3 MB)
    Communication strategy template, Eligible promotional materials factsheet, Project brand manual and Project website manual, Final update of the website tips
  • eMS toolbox (zip 5.1 MB)
    eMS walk through, guidance on contracting, filling in Supplementary information, Partner and Joint progress reports, List of expenditure and its import, Reporting on closure costs and completing final report