What is SENTINEL about?

From the 1st of June 2017 the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta is cooperating with 9 Central European partner organizations for a 3 year period to implement a transnational project aimed at developing and testing tools and methods for helping social enterprises.

Demographic changes have started in recent years, increasing social segregation and disintegration, especially in rural areas, represent serious economic challenges for the countries of the Central European region. In these regions social enterprises, if they are helped by a supportive environment, can be real drivers of social inclusion and work integration. Sentinel can help here, first of all, as a guardian or a mentor to encourage these social enterprises, which in many Central European disadvantaged regions provide almost the only job opportunity for local people.The main goal of the project is to reduce regional inequalities in the participating countries and to strengthen social enterprises.

Project Partners

What makes social enterprise viable? How can people, who are living in underprivileged region and don’t have a job, get one? The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Málta are looking for answers in 6 Middle-European countries with 10 partner organisation in a new programe called SENTINEL.

Partnership meeting in Rzeszów

The next partnership meeting of SENTINEL will be organized in Rzeszów, Poland. The partners will discuss "where are we now", there will be a brainstorming on transnational social enterprise  advocacy network and partners will take part at a study visit. 

In Rzeszów the whole partnership will spend together two days. Partners will discuss the communication activities in the 2nd half of the project, the Pilot Study Visits, for example: how to sharing experience and lessons learnt, highlighting the main outcomes regarding the already organized Pilot Study Visit in Czech Republic, how to communicate about the pilot progress. And there will be also a financial and administrative sesson with other thematic issues.


You can read and download here the documents: country reports, joint report, pilot activity concepts, communication deliverables of SENTINEL. The main goal of the project is to reduce regional inequalities in the participating countries and to strengthen social enterprises, to be able to play a prominent role in their local economy.


SKUHNA – World cuisine
Created in a time of mass migration and building on opportunities of this demographic trend, Skuhna is increasing the employment opportunities of migrants from the global south and bringing together people of different cultures. As a tool for achieving their goals they use entrepreneurship – marketing the culture and authentic cuisine of Africa, Asia and South America in the form of restaurant, catering and a variety of cultural programs.
With the development of activities, they want to enable as many migrants from the global south as possible to enter the labor market in valuable and respected roles, where they market their knowledge, skills, ideas, and their own cultural heritage. They want to enable the majority of the Slovenian population and members of minority communities to create positive interactions, which lead to the co-creation of a tolerant, well-thought-out, informed and sustainable society. They want to give the majority population in Slovenia the opportunity to learn about cultures and people of the world through culinary and other cultural and educational events.

Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled People: Joy

A really good news from our Polish partner, ROPS, inconnection with social economy:
The Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled People “Joy” has just opened a Therapeutic Kindergarten. This institution has been created as an integration centre for children afflicted by developmental disorders and movement dysfunctions.

The kindergarten enables a versatile development adjusted to the personal needs and capabilities of every child. The institution employs well qualified experts such as oligophrenic pedagogues, teachers, educators, physiotherapists, psychologists, and neurologists. Children can participate in many beneficial activities which include physiotherapy, intensive speech training, sensory integration, and applied behavior analysis. Apart from therapeutic activities children take part in numerous games and entertainment (swimming, cooking, dances etc.). Special occasions are also celebrated.


Project meeting in Trento (Italy)

On 14-15 November, 40 representatives of the world of social enterprises from Central European regions met in Trento, at the premises of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation, for the 3rd partnership meeting of the SENTINEL project.

During the gathering, participants attended training workshops, dedicated to social entrepreneurship development in marginal and peripheral areas: how to increase the visibility of social enterprises through effective marketing and communication approaches, how to develop mentoring services and networking, how to facilitate the incubation of new social enterprises, how to use innovative methods for developing and presenting ideas. As part of the training, participants had the chance to see examples of excellence existing in the territory of the province of Trento, and in particular:

• Cantina Mezzacorona, a winegrowing cooperative founded in 1904 which has about 1600 winemakers and represents a point of reference for agricultural cooperation in Trentino;

• Group 78 social cooperative, which is coordinating a network of local actors in the municipality of Terragnolo to create a community cooperative;

• the Cooperative Family of Pedersano, a consumer cooperative that runs a neighborhood grocery store that, in order to cope with the increasing difficulties that distinguish business in marginal territories, has decided to propose complementary services for the community.

The event was organised by the Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat, in coordination with the Trentino Federation of Cooperation, both SENTINEL project partners. The SENTINEL project, co-funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme, aims tat strengthening the role of social enterprises as a driver for the social and economic development of peripheral areas of Central Europe.

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6 Countries

3 years Duration

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Lead partner - The hungarian charity service of the order of málta

The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta will be the Lead Partner of the project, coordinating and supervising all activities and responsible for the management and communication work packages. Meanwhile, partners dealing with local level management and coordination will also fulfil their reporting obligations. HCSOM is also assisted by external experts. The entire team of the project will be in constant contact with the partners, regularly informing them of the results and experiences.
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Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (RRDA)

RRDA is a public body, established in 1993 by the self-government of Podkarpackie Region (PR). Its objective is to support the development of the region, to improve the quality and standard of life, and to advertise and promote the possibilities offered by the region. RRDA was the first institution in PR supporting and granting new social initiatives, especially the development of social cooperatives. From 2007 RRDA is a regional support institution for social enterprises  in Podkarpackie Region.  RRDA will actively participate in all project activities. It will work together with the other Polish partner, ROPS in mapping SE support and networking initiatives and analysis of SE’s support needs in Poland. RRDA has significant experience in implementing and managing regional, national, cross-border and international EU co-financed projects. “Social enterprises as a chance for long-term unemployed.”

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Trentino Federation of Cooperation

Trentino Federation of Cooperation (FTC) is a non-governmental private organization founded in 1895. It groups together almost all the co-operative enterprises of the Trentino region (ca. 500). FTC acts as representative of the local cooperation system, providing assistance, consulting, supervision, political representation and auditing services to coops in all business sectors (i.e. credit, retail, agriculture, labour, social, services and housing). FTC has 180 staff members who carry out social reporting, inter-cooperative projects, research and studies on social enteprises, innovative trainings, as well as European projects and international initiatives. By grouping cooperative credit banks, FTC facilitates the match between potential social services and tailored financial instruments. FTC also supports young entrepreneurs in the start-up of new cooperative enterprises.

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Ústav sociálních inovací o.p.s. (USI) is the member of SENTINEL's partnership. USI has experience in working with social innovation aspects since 2002, including involvement of local, regional and other different stakeholders into the project implementation. We have implemented projects oriented on social entrepreneurship, methodology transfer for quality of training in social enterprises in the Czech Republic. It will be pleasure to share good experiences inconnection with social enterprises in SENTINEL.

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Social impact

Social Impact’s team for transnational projects are pleased to be part of the SENTINEL, fostering the development of social entrepreneurship across the Central European region. The non-profit Social Impact gGmbH is Germany’s first social start-up incubator and runs currently more than 20 incubation programs in the field of social and inclusive entrepreneurship. SENTINEL has a European teamwork and the spirit for social innovation in Europe.

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central european initiative - cei

Established in 1989, the Central European Initiative is the largest intergovernmental forum for regional cooperation in Europe, encompassing 18 Member States from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. CEI is committed to support European integration through the promotion of regional cooperation in various areas of intervention outlined in its tri-annual Action Plan. In its Action Plan 2014-2016 CEI identified two priorities to which the project contributes: “Sustainabl Economy and Development” and “Inclusive Society”. 
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KONETT Team is a consulting and training firm partnering with organizations from various sectors. During 17 years of operation we have worked with more than 100 partners and more than 4000 people. KONETT Team supports organizations mainly with change management, organization and business development, project consulting and mentoring, training. We have worked in big international projects supported by the EU and other donors. We have been active in social sector projects for more than a decade. We think we can contribute to the success of SENTINEL project with our practice of enterprise support that entails business planning, mentoring, capacity building and change support.

We initiated a new service called Change Clinic for managers and leaders, the promo video - an animation - can be seen here.


Fund 05's role in the project is, among other activities, researching and mapping current state of support networks and initiatives with special focus on finance and investments. Together with PRIZMA, we will create cases connected to the Handbook and Toolbox needed for outstanding support of social enterprises. Afterwards we will contribute to pilot testing in Slovenia, specifically, in parts dealing with social business investment. We're excited about SENTINEL project because it gives us an opportunity for taking steps towards creating better support system for social enterprises.

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Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities (PRIZMA) was funded with the purpose to improve competencies and employment possibilities of (un)employed, to match supply and demand on the local/regional labour market, to contribute to new jobs creation and to faster response to dynamic changes in the local/regional labour market.
Being one of the partners in SENTINEL, PRIZMA will pursue its goals in creation of new jobs through development of social entrepreneurship and social inclusion, with special focus on strengthening the support environment for social entrepreneurship and encouraging transfer of knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs to beginners.

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The Regional Centre of Social Assistance in Rzeszow (ROPS) is engaged in the development, updating and implementation of the regional strategy of Podkarpackie Region in the field of social policy. Our main goal is to popularize the idea of social entrepreneurship, build partnerships for the development of social enterprises, organize conferences and campaigns to promote this sector. ROPS will be involved in the pilot action coordinated by RRDA, in which experimental learning methods designed for potential social entrepreneurs will be tested. ROPS will also contribute to drawing up policy recommendations which will effectively address regional policies.

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Social impact

Social Impact’s team for transnational projects are pleased to be part of the SENTINEL, fostering the development of social entrepreneurship across the Central European region. The non-profit Social Impact gGmbH is Germany’s first social start-up incubator and runs currently more than 20 incubation programs in the field of social and inclusive entrepreneurship. SENTINEL has a European teamwork and the spirit for social innovation in Europe.

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