Pilot region ULM

Pilot region Ulm

Ulm is located in the south-eastern region of Baden-Württemberg right on the border to Bavaria. Ulm is separated from its sister city Neu-Ulm in Bavaria merely by the river Danube. The city is situated on the slopes of the Swabian Alb which means that the topography is partly hilly. The various hills in the city's area represent a significant challenge for sustainable mobility solutions.

The city of Ulm covers an area of 119.0 km². 19.4% of this area is urbanized. Another 19% is covered by parks and woods. Agricultural land accounts for 45.7% of the city's area. Topographically speaking, the terrain in the city of Ulm is very diverse. Ground points reach from 458.5 m NN to 645.8 m NN. Three rivers shape the city's topography: The Danube (15.6 km), the Große Blau (5.7 km) and the Kleine Blau (2.2 km).  

Pilot actions in Ulm


This prototype is the common sink for all transport related data going into the local pilots. A common routing graph, including all public transport schedules as well as the road network and all modes of vehicle sharing (i.e., the OpenBike pilot element and experimental Carsharing integration) allows for unified A to B routing over all modes of transport. As electric scooter sharing services are currently being rolled out throughout Germany, it is desirable to also include these services through the common Mobility Data Specification Interface. This allows for intermodal first/last mile transport to and from other mobility hubs, e.g., tram stations.
The city of Ulm made a cookbook to implement digitransit and here you can find the multimodal trip planer for Ulm.


This pilot was designed to be able to integrate into multimodal journey planners. Using Open APIs, it is meant to provide position and availability data that will then be integrated into any other routing services. Within the scope of SHAREPLACE the integration was tested in conjunction with the ulmrouting pilot element. The two parts are meant to work as a whole together.