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The Industry 4.0 is an inevitable revolution affecting all industrial sectors. Its impacts depend on the readiness of regions to respond, accept and adopt the changes. Transnational cooperation can help to strengthen the regional innovation capacities and make our regions more future-ready.

The ECOS4IN project will do so by supporting close cooperation between stakeholders, who are involved in smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) on the implementation of Industry 4.0.

It will closely analyse the current situation of Industry 4.0 implementation and create a tool “ECOS4IN Knowledge Base”, which will be tested in pilots as an essential source of information to raise awareness about Industry 4.0. Moreover, the project will design the ecosystem model according to the regional conditions and context and equip the participating regions with action plans that will provide relevant material for forthcoming revisions of RIS3 strategies.

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International co-operation project ECOS4IN started to strengthen regional innovation capacity in Central Europe

Implementation of the ECOS4IN international project (Cross-border Ecosystem for Industry 4.0) with 7 partners started in April 2019 and will be completed in March 2022.


Development and implementation of tools and services to strengthen linkages within the innovation systems in partner regions; i.e.:

1)    ECOS4IN knowledge base setting up in each partner area and Ecosystem model development for Industry 4.0 implementation, application of the model in the participating regions

ECOS4IN – ecosystem for Industry 4.0

2)    Implementation of pilot actions - establishment of Contact point / information hub for regional ecosystem model for Industry 4.0 implementation in each partner area

3)      Development of strategies and action plans and their implementation to support the Industry 4.0 in partner region

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€ 1.464.250

€ 1.212.638

36 months

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