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The Industry 4.0 is an inevitable revolution affecting all industrial sectors. Its impacts depend on the readiness of regions to respond, accept and adopt the changes. Transnational cooperation can help to strengthen the regional innovation capacities and make our regions more future-ready.

The ECOS4IN project will do so by supporting close cooperation between stakeholders, who are involved in smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) on the implementation of Industry 4.0.

It will closely analyse the current situation of Industry 4.0 implementation and create a tool “ECOS4IN Knowledge Base”, which will be tested in pilots as an essential source of information to raise awareness about Industry 4.0. Moreover, the project will design the ecosystem model according to the regional conditions and context and equip the participating regions with action plans that will provide relevant material for forthcoming revisions of RIS3 strategies.

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6TH newsletter

Our project is coming to an end... but what we learnt?

The main objective of the ECOS4IN project is the improvement of regional innovation capacity by close transnational cooperation among RIS3 stakeholders on Industry 4.0 implementation. After three years of partner cooperation, we are closing project activities granted from Interreg Central Europe program and we are looking for ideas and tools for further ecosystem development. From our personal point of view, we see three main points, lessons learned from pro- ject implementation important for innovation ecosystem development.

18. 03. 22.


ECOS4IN Study-Visit & Final Conference (online)

The ECOS4IN project will end on 31 March. During the 3 years of the project, the partnership has learned a lot and met a lot of good practice.

On March 18, two events will take place online. On the one hand, a study will take place in the Western Transdanubia region, where we will get a glimpse into the local industry 4.0 ecosystem, and from 11 a.m. we will publish the most significant results and good practices of the project within the framework of the closing event.

30. 11. 21.


ECOS4IN project in the International Engineering Fair in Brno 

The International Engineering Fair (IEF) is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe

The majority of visitors are professionals. Attendance is highly professional, almost eighty percent of visitors influence investment decisions, a third belong to top management.

26. 11. 21.


ECOS4IN Study tour to Ústí

On November 26, the ECOS4IN project partnership and stakeholders virtually visited USTI region to learn about the industry 4.0. services, good practices and projects.


Online TG meeting was held related to regional action plans

The partners working on the ECOS4IN project held a TEG meeting on 17 November to discuss their current state of preparation of their action plans.

After introductory words and a comprehensive overview by the Lead Partner, the partners described their own status focusing the already drafted measures.   The action plans should be completed by February 2022. 



First test proved attractiveness, functionality and customer benefit of the "Digital Check - Starter.Kit" package

The "DIGITAL CHECK - STARTER.KIT" is intended to serve as an attractive offer for a first-time consulting at companies and to increase the application of the I4.0 maturity model at companies.

20. 07. 21.


We still hold our meetings online

When the ECOS4IN project was launched, no one thought that a pandemic would break out during the project and hinder the partnership’s face-to-face meetings. Unfortunately, our short project meeting held this week was again implemented online, although all partners are very much in need of personal meetings and ...

01. 06. 21.


The concept and processes of Industry 4.0 were introduced to upper secondary students by Pannon Novum Partner

Industry 4.0 is now a widely used term that students can come across in many places.

Our workshop, held as part of our ECOS4IN project, provided an excellent opportunity for senior students to learn about the industry 4.0 concept and the processes behind it, ...

29. 04. 21.


ECOS4IN in the thematic roundtable meeting of projects addressing Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Project ECOS4IN was invited by the Joint Secretariat of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE to participate in the thematic roundtable meeting of projects addressing topics related to Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 as well as Digitalization to share ... 


Virtual Study Tour in Upper Austria I4.0 Ecosystem

Upper Austria kindly invites you to the 2nd ECOS4IN study visit, taking place on March 2nd 2021. The study visit will give you a good overview of the Upper Austrian I4.0 Ecosystem. With virtual walkthroughs and other multimedia support you’ll get to know best practices in context to Industry 4.0 application. Of course, there will also be enough time for Q&A and Networking parts. For taking part please send a mail to Ingrid.linhartova@biz-up.at

1st newsletter

International co-operation project ECOS4IN started to strengthen regional innovation capacity in Central Europe

Implementation of the ECOS4IN international project (Cross-border Ecosystem for Industry 4.0) with 7 partners started in April 2019 and will be completed in March 2022.


Development and implementation of tools and services to strengthen linkages within the innovation systems in partner regions; i.e.:

1)    ECOS4IN knowledge base setting up in each partner area and Ecosystem model development for Industry 4.0 implementation, application of the model in the participating regions

ECOS4IN – ecosystem for Industry 4.0

2)    Implementation of pilot actions - establishment of Contact point / information hub for regional ecosystem model for Industry 4.0 implementation in each partner area

3)      Development of strategies and action plans and their implementation to support the Industry 4.0 in partner region

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36 months

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