2nd Steering Committee Meeting 

12 January 2021 

2nd steering committee meeting was, as the 1st, conducted on the World Wide Web. We held a 1 day meeting, which was split into a morning and an afternoon session. On the agenda were the reports of the first Caravan stops, which were implemented ona- and offline, the soon to be launch of the Rural Social Innovation Training Academy and the translation of the training materials. More about the meeting is available here.

The Cerusi partnership adapted well to the circumstances regarding Covid-19 by using a lot of interactive online tools, so we could present and gather information and made our meeting just as priductive as it would be in person. We were (again) a little disapointed that we could not be in Berlin, but we hope we can see each other in person soon. 

Rural Social Innovation Training Academy here we come!   

RSI Academy